San Diego’s Nerf Meet Up!

Free to play all-ages. A place for Nerf enthusiast of San Diego to participate, promote, and organize events.

Fostering community, team building and overall personal well being.

Hasbro recommends you be at least 8 years old to operate a Nerf Blaster and 14 years old to operate a Nerf Rival Blaster.

Please note that, if you have young ones, this is not a drop-off event. Participants under 13 years old need to have a chaperone at ALL times. We strongly recommend parents to play alongside.


  1. EYE PROTECTION (All players must have glasses, sunglasses or some sort of eye protection for each round.)

  2. Nerf blaster(s) (marked with your name), melee weapons, shields, darts, rolled up socks.

  3. Snacks/Water & Sunscreen (Dehydration and Skin Cancer is serious)

 All players are expected to help sweep (pick up) darts after each game mode and must return all darts at the end of the session.

  1.  If you do not want your darts to be swept into the dart pool, please mark them in some way. 
  2. If you mark and keep your own darts, you may not take darts from the pool. 
  3. If you bring your own darts, you are responsible for sorting at the end of the day.
  4. You may not intentionally take anyone else darts without their permission.  Keep in mind, darts WILL get lost throughout the game.
  5. The dart bin will be locked at all times unless an admin is present.

We provide foam darts/rival balls. If you need a loaner blaster, inquire ahead of time so we know to how many to bring. We ask for a donation of at least $1 per player to offset the costs we incur for darts and equipment. If you have a financial hardship, please let us know and/or pay what you can afford. Donations allow us to provide for the club and enables us to host future events.



Nerf Wiki

War classes

With larger wars, a classification of war may be set to denote blaster rules.


Super Stock (Most Events)

(We enforce a soft cap at 150 fps and a public safety hard cap of 200fps)

Super Stock wars, also known as SAMBO (Stock Ammo, Modification Blasters Only) wars, allow blasters that have been modified for performance. Users are limited to what ammunition they can use, however; as the SAMBO acronym suggests, only stock ammunition like standard Elite Darts are allowed. Homemade darts, such as Stefans, are not allowed.